We bring artificial intelligence to web application security

SolidWall WAF is designed to help you build overlay security for your web application and protect it from 0-day attacks
and do it on the level of application business logic
Keep release cycle short using the best overlay security solution for your application
Artificial intelligence
Automatic discovery of what's normal for your application and what's not
Realtime protection without false alarms through the whole application life cycle
How do we make your application secure?
SolidWall WAF works as a reverse proxy between the internet and your application. From the first moment it starts looking for known attack patterns, and it uses machine learning alorithms to learn the application's business logic from network traffic in background: which actions are impemented in the application, which types of data encodings are used for parameters, what normal application responses look like. After a short initial period of self-learning it switches from pattern-based attack detection to anomaly-based, providing type enforcement on the business logic level.
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Our consultants are leading web application security experts in Russia, most of them from Bushwhackers hacker community with academic background in Lomonosov Moscow State University
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Enterprise companies chose SolidWall WAF for their online banking and online retail systems
Business logic actions is an average complexity level of our customer's applications
Secure your web application at business logic level
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